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FAU - established 1743

Study at an outstanding innovative university.

FAU - Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg - is the academic organizer of the MBA "Sustainability Management".

FAU's Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences in Nuremberg, an expert in executive management education, runs the program.

FAU is supported in the organizational implementation by its spin-off WFA - the WiSo-Führungskräfte-Akademie.


Facts and figures

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • Founded in 1743

  • 5 faculties, 24 departments

  • 267 study programs

  • 308 academic chairs, 624 professors

  • Ca. 6.000 employees

  • Nearly 40.000 students


School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences ("WiSo")

  • More than 40 academic chairs

  • 55 professors

  • 14 honorary professors

  • Ca. 6.000 students

  • ca. 80 PhDs

Networking wordwide

Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg

  • One of the best-known State Universities in Germany

  • More than 500 partner universities all over the world

  • More than 130 research cooperations with major universities worldwide

  • Successful cooperations with firms like SIEMENS, adidas, Schaeffler, BMW and many more


School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences ("WiSo")

  • Founded in 1918 as Business School in Nuremberg

  • More than 100 partner universities worldwide

  • International study program full-time and part-time

  • Renowned researchers and teachers with international experience


Rankings of FAU and of the School of Business, Economics and Social Sciences

  • THE-Ranking by Subject 2023: FAU Business and Economics: national # 5, international # 133.

  • "Stanford List" 2022: 227 FAU researchers are among the top 2 percent of most-citied scholars worldwide.

  • Reuters-Ranking 2019: “The FAU is one out of two German universities that ranks among the ‚Top 10‘ as most innovative universities: No 1 in Germany and No 2 in Europe“

Excellent research & practical experience

Excellent research at FAU

  • FAU ranks among the top research universities in Germany

  • Max-Planck-Institute, Max Planck research school, 2 Fraunhofer Institutes, 24 DFG-funded research clusters

  • Cluster of Excellence, BMBF-leading-edge-cluster, 3 DFG doctoral colleges


Sustainability MBA - combining theory and practice

  • Successful executive education programs since 2004

  • Renowed university professors with excellent practical experience

  • Additional mentors and guest speakers from practice


High-ranked Board of Trustees, i.e. and experienced advisors

  • Herbert Hainer, President FC Bayern München

  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Haussmann, Vice President Capgemini, former German Minister for Economic Affairs

  • Daniel Krauss, Founder and CIO, Flix SE

  • Janina Kugel, Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group

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