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Build your network with a diverse peer group.

Each member of our MBA class contributes to our credo with their USP, special qualifications and individual strengths: Benefit from our diversity!


The interdisciplinary composition, the heterogeneous professional context and the high level of self- and social competence of our students are guarantees for us in every MBA class of looking beyond one's own nose, of fruitful collaboration and inspiring exchange with each other.


What all our students have in common is their focus on the topic of sustainability management, their fundamental intellectual openness, their consistent career orientation, their high level of motivation and willingness to perform, and their enjoyment of learning with and from one another.


The participants continuously integrate their personal expert knowledge into the study events through discussions and group work, and at the same time benefit from the permanent transfer of knowledge and skills.


In this way, we generate together today the best solutions for tomorrow!


Uniqueness through individuality

Excellence through diversity

The high quality of our MBA programs is based on the common success DNA of our MBA classes, which all follow a model profile, but are nevertheless highly individual class by class:


Students work in different industries and sectors, e.g. mechanical and plant engineering, automation technology and electronics, digitalization, the medical sector, the mobility sector, infrastructure and building technology, the energy industry or in the service segment (IT, finance, consulting).


They work both in corporate groups and SMEs, in public or state-owned companies and institutions, or in (their own) start-ups.


They often have a university degree in the disciplines of business administration, engineering, information technology, natural sciences or law, less frequently in the humanities or social sciences.


They are usually between 25 and 45 years old, with an average age of about 30 at the start of the MBA program. Among them, the minimum age to date is 23 and the maximum age to date is 52.


Our students generally have between 3 and 12 years of "on the job" practical experience, with an average of about 5 years. The minimum value is one year of on-the-job experience, and the previous maximum value is over 25 years. 


And so no two of our MBA classes are the same. Each class has its own individual composition, its personal profile of strengths, its particular areas of interest. And we give them the space and time to shape their class individually. In this way, we ensure that each of our MBA classes is unique.

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