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Program outline



Tailored to your needs.

FAU and Siemens AG - A strong cooperation on the future topic of sustainability management

Successful sustainability managers need very comprehensive technical and methodological know-how in order to be able to make the "right" decisions in extremely complex and highly dynamic situations and then implement them.


You will acquire this technical and methodological expertise in the three competence clusters "Enabling", "Managing" and "Transforming", to each of which we have assigned three specialist modules.

Areas & Modules


In each module, we always analyze the specific management challenges and the resulting tasks on the basis of the latest findings from science and practice and with the most suitable methods and tools. In this way, we gain a "clear view" of the situation, can derive responsible decisions and ultimately implement successful solutions.

Timetable module

We’ve developed a program design that will allow you to work and study in unison.


It offers a high degree of individual flexibility, both spatially and temporally. On the one hand, it is designed as a 100% distance learning program and can therefore be studied completely independent of location.


On the other hand, approximately 2/3 of the workload can be completed asynchronously by the students. This means that 50% of each module as well as the final Master's thesis can be completed with a certain degree of time flexibility. The remaining third of the workload is composed of the remaining 50% of each module and forms the synchronous part. This will take place in the form of live online events scheduled in an equally job- and family-friendly manner.


Current MBA Schedule

Schedule_Class 24-26.JPG

FAU MBA Schedule 2024/2026

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